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These are the classifications that will be used to describe the various types of program that can inhabit the virtual machine, it is by no means exhaustive and the list should hopefully grow in time. The classifications are all for how the system creates new variation.

System Description

Hybrid: The system has two or more different ways of creating variation

Singular: The system consists of programs that modify there own children

Dual: The system consists of programs that modify other programs

Action Modifiers

Blind: the method doesn't take into account the environment to perform an action.

Fixed: the action that occurs in a fixed way.

Dictionary: the action chooses its value from a list

Sensitive: The action chooses its value dependant upon stimulus from an external source. Not compatible with blind.

Historical: The action takes into consideration previous actions to perform the task


Variation: This specifies that the action modifiers refer to what variation takes place

Location: This specifies that the action modifiers refer to where in the genome the


A singular, blind dictionary variational, sensitive historic locational system, would be one where the variation is applied by one program to its descendants by selecting a location by looking at the code of the program and taking into consideration how well previous variations at theat sort of code have done. And then applying a random variation from a look up table to that location.

Last modified: Wed Jul 2 16:57:24 BST 2003