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This will serve as the user guide for both programs until things are more organised.

To use the perl program you do the following

cd codessoupdir/src
./ < myprog.input > myprog.output

Where myprog.input is the name of the input file and myprog.output is the name of the ouput.The < and > redirect the text to and from the files respectively.

To then use that program in the machine you would invoke

codesoup -p myprog.output -n myname -i 10000

This would output the utility statistics of the run to a file called ut-myname and theoretcially anyother files produced would have a myname root. The -i option runs the simulation for 10000 ticks in the virtual machine.

The ut-myname file has an output with a comma seperated variable file, it can be viewed with kspread like this:

kspread ut-myname
For more information on the theory see my dissertation.
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