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  1. What is the system It is a evolving system where programs compete for reward from a user. Currently the programs copy themselves and modify their offspring. The ones that get the most reward can overwrite other programs. There is also scope for cooperation between programs to solve problems.
  2. What would I use this for?
    Currently this is a research project, so researching is the order of the day. Once the research has been done hopefully it will be useful for complex online learning. By online, I mean the system will interface with the problem directly, rather than being presented with a lot of pre-specified training data.
  3. How do you see future development?
    Ideally it will become a community project and people will use it when they need to learn a problem that this sort of system can solve. The utlimate goal would be to produce a computer (possibly wearable) that used this sort of system as the operating system. Although that is so far in the future it is not worth thinking about at the moment.
  4. What success have you had so far?
    Limited, the system can evolve although at present the internal mutation operators are too destructive so evolution tends to remove the variation. This was a very primitive method of variation so it was not suprising.
  5. Why are you doing this? Because I don't think that the current way computer programs are developed is the only way or the best way for the user. So I am exploring other ways to create computer programs.

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