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Tierra: The program that started off the recent renewed interest in evolving Machine Code.
Avida: Another project that investigates how Tierra-like systems can be useful. a website for the biota conferences and home of the gene pool and the Darwin Pond projects.
Mark Bedau: Someone who has interesting classifications for evolutionary systems, that might be interesting to include at some point.

Evolutionary Computing

Pushpop: An interesting Genetic Programming system that has no fixed mutation operators and has them internally specified.
Learning Classifier Systems Web a good place to find out all you may wnat to know about current research in Learning classifier systems.


No free lunch reference area: An interesting bit of statistics that states that over the space of all mathematically possible static problems each program will on average do as badly as each other, due to the inherant bias of the searcher. Relevance, suggests that for general intelligence no single searcher will be right when confronted with an undefined real world problem.
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