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There are many ways you can help:

  1. A replicating program hacker, probably the hardest job (at least until we get the debugging working). If you want to start this it is recomended that you read all you can about Tierra, other similar Alife projects and general AI type stuff. Also familiarising yourself with the machine code of the Virtual Machine, perhaps by writing a compiler from the assembler in a language of your choice would be useful. Also you will be called upon to help out with modifications to the Area class and others that affect your work.
  2. A general systems worker that monkeys around with the Bowl class and others to make it easy to use and debug and combine with other programs.
  3. A gui programmer, current thoughts are about Qt but other cross-platform guis will be considered if you have skills with them.
  4. Random thinkers, biologists and philosophers, will be welcome to contribute your thoughts to provide us with some bigger picture things we might miss.
  5. General documenters and publicists. Your help will be welcome, but not quite yet, perhaps wait until what we need documenting or publicising is not in a total state of flux.
Contact me using the address at the side.
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